The project Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials (FORAM) is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission. The main objective of FORAM is to develop a platform of international experts and stakeholders that will together help to improve international cooperation on raw materials and investments worldwide. By closely working with the relevant stakeholders in industry, European and international organisations, governments, academia and civil society the project is contributing to consolidate the efforts towards a more joint and coherent approach towards raw materials policies. FORAM in particular seeks to engage the international stakeholders coming from
different sectors of the value chain of the raw materials into a dialogue, so that experiences will be shared and understanding of all aspects of raw materials will be increased. FORAM is led by World Resources Forum Association and coordinated by 11 other international organizations. Please visit FORAM project’s website for more details.

After more than a year of desk research and online web dialogue sessions with hundreds of stakeholders from around the world the FORAM 18 Pilot Event will be the next step in our stakeholder consultation process. Its main purpose is to deepen the insights from the dialogue by means of faceto-face discussions and present and discuss the state-of-the-art of available and missing data on primary and secondary raw materials, and recommended policies and business strategies. The event will include briefings and discussions about security of supply, innovation, growth, resourceefficiency, Circular Economy, and Sustainable Development Goals, in an open interactive format.

The Pilot Event’s programme will incorporate lively plenary sessions, panel discussions and engaging working sessions. In these sessions, we will focus on three clusters of issues:
– Knowledge Management – What knowledge exists, in what format and what are the gaps? (WHAT: SCIENCE)
– Policies and Strategies – Is there sufficient political attention? Has the business case been made? (WHO – SOCIETY)
– International Cooperation– What organizational format would result in a more efficient international cooperation? (HOW – ROADMAP)

To see the program of FORAM 18 Pilot Event, click here.