The TecDay is a special occasion on which Swiss high school students can get in touch with experts in various scientific areas, have fun and hopefully also get interested in starting a career in science. They can choose among a multitude of modules in which experts will present a scientific topic in a way students can relate with, counteracting the belief that science is dry or something without everyday relevance. The next TecDays will take place in Sursee, Glarus, Neuchâtel and Locarno. The modul presented by ESM Foundation at the TecDay in Sursee will be “Rare Metals: Resources for the Future”, where students will learn about the importance of Critical Raw Materials for the economy, especially for a sustainable future. Among the other highlights of the upcoming TecDay in Sursee are the modules “Robot and Rover Challenge”, “Supercomputer: the Future of Material Sciences”, “your Smartphone can do 3D” and “Live Hacking: are you safe from Hackers?”. Click here to view the full programs of the upcoming TecDays.