Supporting European Education on Sustainable Critical Materials

SusCritMat is a project funded by EIT Raw Materials and coordinated by ESM Foundation. It is a project with eight European partners and aims at educating PhD students, master students, junior engineers, researchers and managers and cover a series of important aspects regarding critical raw materials. In a novel concept, it introduces courses aimed at PhDs, MSc’s, professionals and executives on complex and interdisciplinary topics, and makes these courses adaptable to a variety of different formats by providing a modular structure. These courses will develop new skills which will help participants to better understand the impact and role of critical raw materials in a holistic value chain view, thus providing an added value for the companies and industry.

The consortium uses and creates teaching materials and compiles it into a variety of modules, which can be combined into different course formats. Multi-media education materials will be made available to participants of summer and winter schools so that they can work with state-of-the-art techniques and data.

SusCritMat is posting regular updates here.