TecDay at Seetal school
Duration: -
Location: Kantonsschule Seetal (Switzerland)

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, the first TecDay at the Kantonsschule Seetal (Lucerne) took place. On a magnificent autumn day, the about 400 students could try out 35 different modules from science and technology and talk to experts from the region and the whole of Switzerland.

How do photovoltaics installations work on the roof of the school building? How do light and colour influence the perception of a room? Will we be substituted by robots in the future? How does an idea become a product? The students pondered questions like these. The most popular modules included “Space: the new scrap yard?”,”Mobile phone radiation”,”See, hear, feel: sensors for the future”, “Design your schoolyard” and “Robot and rover challenge”.

The modules have strong practical links. Many also contain experiments and explanations with models or small project works. However, most important is the exchange with persons from industry, universities, research institutes and non-profit organisations. The persons responsible for the modules are from 27 different organisations – from Basel to Lugano and from Lausanne to Chur.

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The TecDays are organised by SATW.