SusCritMat Short Course 2019
Location: Clare College, Cambridge

The next SusCritmat Short Course was about electric mobility from a materials’ point of view and was held at April, 10, 2019, at Clare College, Cambridge.

At the event, participants experienced a short version of a SusCritMat school, covering several topics related to electric mobility:

  • Geopolitical aspects concerning the raw materials electric vehicles are made of
  • Supply of necessary raw materials
  • Sustainability of electric cars
  • Criticality assessment of necessary raw materials
  • Demand scenarios of the necessary raw materials and how to deal with them

Speakers included David Peck from TU Delft, who spoke about the history of the involved raw materials and the current state of geopolitics, and Ester van der Voet from Leiden University, who gave insights into the primary and secondary supply of the most relevant metals for electric mobility: Lithium and Cobalt.

Around noon, participants learned about the sustainability of an electric car, assisted by Granta Design, and later themselves assessed the criticality of Lithium and Cobalt after an introduction into the subject by Gus Gunn from BGS.

In the afternoon, Ester van der Voet showed demand scenarios for Lithium and Cobalt, and Steven Young from the University of Waterloo spoke about certification potentials of minerals.

See also the programme below.