Industrial Technologies, Aarhus 2012
Duration: -
Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Although old in use, metals are still young in development. This workshop will demonstrate that metallic materials containing less-common and scarce metals, processed by unconventional means and developed for extreme environments and working conditions are playing an increasing role in modern technologies, especially for green energy, transport and communication, and nano-/micro-technology. Less-common and scarce elements like rare-earth metals, Sc, Zr, Nb etc. are considered as strategically important for Europe as they are mostly mined and produced outside the continent. The Council of Less Common Elements (CLCE) – an initiative of the Swiss Foundation of Rare Metals (ESM), Materials innovation institute M2i (NL), Delft University of Technology (NL) and Brunel University (UK) organise this workshop to bring together knowledge, experience and opinions from scientists and decision makers in technology and economy to discuss future technological strategies for Europe. Requirements of industry with respect to geopolitical, economical, ecological, social and scientific issues will be outlined by expert introductions. An interactive panel discussion between speakers and participants will be held in order to identify future European needs, also within future EU-funded programmes.

Strategic Resources for Emerging Energy Technologies
Speaker: Professor Dr. Armin Reller

Recycling of Less Common Elements: Feasible Business Model – Today or Tomorrow
Speaker: Dr. Georg Timmel

Raw Materials Scarcity as an Opportunity for Innovations
Speaker: Dr. Gotthard Rieger

„Council of Less Common Elements“ – a Switzerland-based Experts Forum
Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Margarethe Hofmann-Amtenbrink

Innovative Approach to Structure Control in Light Alloys (Authors D.G. Eskin, H.B. Nadendla, Brunel University)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dmitry Eskin

Searching the Extremes of Steel Applicability (Authors Prof. dr. ir. J. Sietsma, Dr. ir. S.E. Offerman, TU Delft)
Speakers: Prof. Dr. ir. Jilt Sietsma, Dr. ir. Erik Offerman

ERA-MIN – the Newly Established ERA-NET on Industrial Handling of Raw Materials for European Industries
Speaker: Dr. Giuseppe Visimberga

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