Duration: March-September 2019 (6 months)
Maximum funding: 45’000 CHF

The Entwicklungsfonds Seltene Metalle (ESM Foundation), with support by Swissmem, is looking for an assessment of policy developments in the area of rare and critical metals in Switzerland and their impact on Swiss industries.

For this, we are searching for a researcher or a research team who will carry out such an assessment with the following aims:

  • Identification of relevant institutional bodies that shape and influence raw material policies and regulations in Switzerland;
  • Identification and assessment of relevant Swiss legislations, provisions, standards, and reporting obligations with regards to critical raw materials import, their use in components, recycling and substitution;
  • Overview of relevant instruments, methods and tools to tackle critical raw materials from an industry perspective;
  • Overview of relevant developments in the EU and assessment with regards to their (future) relevance for Switzerland;
  • Identification of upcoming policies and regulations; assessment of the political agenda, development paths and future scenarios;
  • Valuation of the different scenarios’ impact on Swiss industry sectors;
  • Development of recommendations for industrial stakeholders.

The study should be carried out in close consultation with ESM Foundation and Swissmem, and in collaboration with ongoing Swiss research activities (for example within the NRP73 program OASES, Open Assessment of Swiss Economy and Society).

The ideal researcher or research group combines comprehension of the Swiss policy
landscape, familiarity with relevant technical developments and industries, and knowledge of economic mechanisms of raw material supply. We expect a research proposal outlining research strategy, methodological choices and timeline (max. 10 pages).

Please send your proposals to alessandra.hool@esmfoundation.org by January 31, 2019.