Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials – FORAM Pilot Event

The project Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials (FORAM) is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission. The main objective of FORAM is to develop a platform of international experts and stakeholders that will together help to improve international cooperation on raw materials and investments worldwide. By closely working with the relevant stakeholders in industry, European and international organisations, governments, academia and civil society the project is contributing to consolidate the efforts towards a more joint and coherent approach towards raw materials policies. FORAM in particular seeks to engage the international stakeholders coming from different sectors of the value chain of the raw materials into a dialogue, […]

Resources Forum Switzerland 2018

The second Resources Forum Switzerland “Science, Economy and Cities together for more resource efficiency” will take place on October, 25 at EMPA academy in Dübendorf. Where are the hot spots of resources use? Have cities and industry already found solutions? Experts from various fields will gather at the Resources Forum to make progress on this issue. You will soon find more information about the Resources Forum here.

How methodology determines what is critical

« How methodology determines what is critical » – this is the title of the first Round Table on Criticality held at the international conference « Resources for Future Generations » in Vancouver, on June 19. The event is orgaized by IRTC. Click here to find out what else happens at the international conference. If you are interested in this event, you do not need to travel to Vancouver: it will be possible to attend the meeting online. How to attend online will be published in a few days. We are looking forward to your participation!

World Resources Forum on Waste Valorization and CRM

The World Resources Forum has published a report about its workshop on Waste Valorization and Critical Raw Materials, which was held at the Symposium on the Availability of Raw Materials from Secondary Sources last month. Over the course of the workshop, experts like WRF Managing Director Bas de Leeuw, Karen Hanghøj from EIT Raw Materials and Rodrigo Chanes from the European Commission stressed the need to take not only technological, but also social and environmental aspects of the extraction chain into account. Even though materials management is key for a sustainable economy, the current economic and legal famework is inadequate for the sustainable use of materials. To change this, the […]

Registration for the SusCritMat Autumn School for Professionals is now open!

In a novel educational concept, the SusCritMat schools offer modules on complex and interdisciplinary topics related to critical raw materials, developed and taught by European experts in the field. The schools help participants understand the role of critical raw materials in the whole value chain across various academic fields by highlighting the bigger picture and the interconnected nature of global business and society, which is increasingly necessary for decision-making in industry. We gladly receive your submission here. More information will soon follow.

SusCritMat Winter School report now available!

SusCritMat aims to educate people from Master’s student level up, both in industry and academia about important aspects of Sustainable critical raw materials. In a novel concept, it introduces courses on these complex and interdisciplinary topics in a modula structure, adaptable to a variety of different formats and accessible to both students and managers in industry. In this context, last January, the first SusCritMat Winter School gave its participants the opportunity to discuss and work with experts from various fields. They did not only learn new things about sustainability aspects, but also enlarged their professional network. Like the other SusCritMat schools which are yet to come, the Winter School responded […]