Apply for support

ESM Foundation is providing support for research projects on different levels that conduct, in accordance with the Foundation’s charter, “research and investigations in the field of rare metals with a view on their industrial application”. Considering the current challenges we are facing in relation to Critical Raw Materials (CRM), these research projects could e.g. address

  • Swiss consumption of precious and special metals/CRM for modern technologies in areas such as electromobility, energy production and storage, or information and communication technology and the associated challenges for our economy;
  • CRM stocks and flows with regards to economic questions such as affected Swiss markets and future price scenarios;
  • environmental considerations related to CRM use in Switzerland, using Life Cycle Assessment or other methods; social and legal considerations with relation to regulations and standards;
  • metals recycling potentials in Switzerland, from a technical, logistical or economical point of view;
  • other sustainable solutions for future CRM supply for Switzerland such as substitution potentials, circular design, etc.

Projects should also relate to the overall mission of creating new employment opportunities in Switzerland. If you wish to apply for financial or other support, please describe your research project, its contribution to the Foundation’s aims and the requested support in a letter (max. 2 pages) to the Foundation and send it to us. The Board of Trustees will evaluate your request and you will receive a reply at their earliest convenience.